Kayli Hendricks - Out of College and into the streets

by Phil Smith |

Sandbox Team rider Kayli Hendricks scored an interview with Mary Walsh, Field Editor over at Hendricks started turning heads years ago, growing up riding the rope tows of the infamous Trollhaugen park, an incubator of Midwestern talent. 


Photo: Winston Partridge @bigdaddysteezestorm 


Known for her big smile and regular appearances in the Troll and Too Hard videos, Kayli packs a heavy bag of tricks, filled with spin on-and-off variations, switch manoeuvres and more!


Photo: Winston Partridge @bigdaddysteezestorm 


In the interview, she explains why she's been off the radar lately, focussing on studying extra hard so she can graduate early and have a snowboard focussed season in the upcoming winter. Kayli also spends some of her summer months shredding the Blackcomb glacier, chilling at the lake and playing frolf in our very own backyard - Whistler.

Read the complete interview here.




West Rock Wake Park's Full Size Cable

by Phil Smith |

When you mention the word 'Wakeboarding', the Midwest United States is probably not the first spot that will spring to mind. However the folks at West Rock Wake Park are definitely trying to change this!

Built from the ground up, the park in Rockford, IL has had a huge upgrade last fall moving from a System 2.0 to a full size cable. West Rock is now gaining traction as one of the country's best cables.

Sandbox Team riders Dylan Miller and John Dreiling along with Felix Georgii made a trip out to the park shortly after the full size cable was installed. Alliance Magazine's latest issue will feature a full write up of the trip, but in the meantime check out this edit by Matty Mulholland.



You'll find the West Rock Pro Shop stocked with Sandbox helmets and they also carry a full fleet of our rental specific Legend Low Rider helmets for those who don't have their own helmet or if you want to try-before-you-buy a new Sandbox helmet of your own.


Local shredders sporting a variety of colours and styles within the Sandbox Low Rider wakeboard helmet line. Photo by Connor Brooks


Summer Slashes Recap

by Gabriel Ostapchuk |

 Whistler Valley Snowboard Camp. Photo by Gabriel Ostapchuk


The Whistler Valley Snowboard Club took over the Blackcomb Glacier and set up an amazing park for three full sessions and the campers were stoked. Thank you to Rob Picard, Sam Weston, Antoine Malingrey and everyone involved for carrying on the incredible summer camp legacy in our backyard. 


Geoff Brown sending a BS 720 Mute Grab. Photo by Gabriel Ostapchuk.


Sam Weston raking a jump early in the AM. Photo by Gabriel Ostapchuk.


Check out this short video of Sandbox rider Liam Stevens along with some Whistler Valley campers.



HCSC was one for the books this year. Thank you to the diggers for an awesome park set up and to everyone working to make HCSC possible. We were stoked to have a sample of next year's helmets and goggles in the demo centre all summer long so hopefully you got in there to try some out.

Sandbox was proud to be a part of week 7 at Woodward Copper this summer which ran from July 15th to the 21st. Our Team riders Scotty Vine, Sam Anderson and Grant Giller shredded the Pipeline Park the whole week and gave away a ton prizes to all the campers, leaving them fully stoked on their summer shred camp experience. 


Scotty Vine Spaghetti Grab Boardslide. Photo by Chip Proulx.


Sam Anderson FS 360 Mute Grab. Photo by Chip Proulx.


Grant Giller getting inverted. Photo by Chip Proulx.


One happy camper holding his new Sandbox Boss Goggles with Scotty Vine and Sam Anderson. Photo by Chip Proulx


We plan on making it back to all three of these awesome camps next summer so try to make it up to Sea to Sky country for Whistler Valley Snowboard Camp, down to MT. Hood for HCSC or to Woodward at Copper cause we want to shred with you. Keep your eyes peeled for early registration dates to get in where you fit in. 

Nick Dorsey on the cover

by Gabriel Ostapchuk |

Nick Dorsey threading the needle on the cover of the latest SBC Wake Magazine Vol.20. Photo by Dylan Miller.


Nick Dorsey has had a wild month. First he drops a full part in the new Formats film and then he gets the cover of SBC Wake Magazine Vol.20. We couldn't be more stoked for him and also congrats to another Sandbox rider, Dylan Miller who took the photo that landed Nick on the cover. Our wake team is killing it!


Tail Pressing to the max at a winch spot. Photo by Dylan Miller


Droppin' full parts and landing cover shots are just a walk in the park for Nick. Photo by Dylan Miller.


Excerpt from the feature "Behind The Cover" in Vol.20:

Raph had this wall set up at the Derome's park and had already filmed a few different tricks on it. Nick took a session on it afterwards and was doing some tricks over the fence, then we were like, "Man, I think you could thread the needle with your nose on that little gap." Nick got straight into it and started getting pretty close. I tried shooting a couple different angles from the shoreline but they didn't really show what was going on very well. I hopped in the water with my fisheye lens and instantly knew that was the spot. Nick took some heavy falls on the set up; he caught his heels on the fence like three times tossing him into an unintentional backflip but he kept going until we got the shot exactly how we had visioned it. Long story short, it worked! - Dylan Miller

24th Annual Bowl Series

by Gabriel Ostapchuk |


The Bowl Series is a four part contest series around the old school bowls of the lower mainland and Whistler. The first part went down on Canada Day which also happened to be the 40th anniversary of Canada's oldest skatepark in Seylynn!

PD from Juice magazine said this:

David Hackett has connections to Canada that go way back through his involvement with Skull Skates. Having shredded Seylynn Bowl at the 1986 Expo contest, it seemed fitting that the Hackman be there to officially celebrate the 40th anniversary of Canada’s oldest skateboard park, originally built in 1978 coinciding with Skull’s 40th. With little advance warning, other than Hackett’s image adorning nondescript posters plastered all over Vancouver, DH arrived with skateboard and sharpie marker in hand and proceeded to sign, flow and hang with the locals. With proof positive that some things in life just seem to get better with age, David Hackett and Skull Skates extend a warm congrats to the makers and maintainers of the almighty Seylynn Bowl making history and cultivating skateboarding for 4 decades! 


Stoked ladies with their new sandbox helmets. Photo by Olga Aguilar.


The second part went down in Griffin at the old school bowl there on July 8th and the third part just took place on July 22nd in Whiterock. The fourth part "The Beef Under The Chief" will take place on August 18th in Squamish and the Finale will take place in Whistler. 

We are stoked for the next parts and we will see you in our home base for the Finale!